Surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic with Your Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse – How?

In this blog article recently posted to my website, I make suggestions for making the most of a difficult situation; living with your soon to be ex-spouse. Difficult situations are often made better by knowing you can take steps to move forward and seek a resolution.  With the COVID-19 Pandemic, stay-at-home orders in effect and recent court closures, we are faced with this surreal powerlessness in life, and feel stuck. Most of us are not used to that feeling. The Collaborative divorce process empowers folks to seek resolution, to keep moving forward, even in the face of closures, and this is how you can take care of yourself in the process.

“If your marriage has been struggling for a while, maybe the thought of leaving your spouse has taken up a permanent space in your mind.  Or maybe you had planned on trying to work things out with marriage counseling, better communication, etc.

But with the recent stay-at-home orders and social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, life, as we know it, has changed.

Perhaps being quarantined with your spouse has made you realize that your marriage is truly over. But, this time of isolation isn’t over. So, how can you survive the time at home with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, knowing what’s to come?”

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