5 Strategies for Remaining Positive During a Divorce

woman looking thoughtfulAnybody who has gone through a separation or divorce understands how much it’ll shake life up in so many ways. It’s vital to remain positive during this challenging time for your own health as well as that of your kids. Consider the following strategies to help remain positive during your divorce.

1.  Get Educated
Information is power. Don’t make decisions in a vacuum. Find a lawyer and a financial person who can help you understand your legal options and your budget. Then decide what is right for you.

2. Embrace stable areas of your life
Lean on good friends and family who you know always will be there. Especially those that help you stay focused and calm. If you remain in the same home, do not feel as if you have to make a lot of changes to it all at one time. If you move to a new house, think of it as an adventure and a new beginning. Keep things that make you happy and comfortable. If you do have a job, keep it. Do not jump too rapidly into new commitments, like a new relationship.

3. Accept assistance from positive folks
Accept invitations to be involved with friends, even if you would rather stay in. Just push yourself to be social, as opposed to remaining isolated in your house. The exact same goes for your children: encourage your kids to spend time with friends and enjoy some fun activities.

4. Remain physically healthy
Research shows that 35 minutes of walking 5 times per week has a positive impact on battling depression. Dedicate yourself to an exercise regimen that fits your lifestyle.

5. Get organized
A lack of organization is a big stress inducer. Not being able to find something the minute you need it may have a negative impact on your mood. Being organized is easier than it sounds, as is keeping an organized lifestyle. Concentrate on being organized. Begin with anything that has to do with your separation or divorce, which includes communication records, paperwork, etc. You might have to obtain information that’s pertinent to your case, and you won’t want to be left stressing and searching at the last minute, particularly when it can be prevented. Then, get your house organized and keep it that way. Invest in shelving, space-saving containers, and additional organization tools. Getting all of the clutter out of your home will be worth the investment.

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