What Does The Court Evaluate Concerning Parental Relocations?


boy-going-to-his-fatherThe guiding principle which is going to determine whether or not the court approves a parental relocation is if the move is within the best interest of the child. The court of law will consider these:

  • Reason for move
  • Age of child
  • Educational, psychological, and religious needs of child
  • Proximity of new location to other members of the family
  • Quality of medical care if child has clinical condition within the new location
  • Extent to which youngster’s extracurricular activities are affected
  • The extent to which a child is involved in his or her community in the old location
  • Degree of non-custodial parent’s involvement within the child’s life
  • Difficulty of managing parental time for non-custodial parent
  • Preferences of the child, when appropriate

The custodial parent must let the non-custodial parent know of any planned relocation. Typically, sixty days’ notice is needed. This notification has to include the move’s date, as well as the new location’s address.

Here, it’s worth mentioning that all attempts at relocating just to get away from one’s ex-spouse or parent of one’s kids isn’t likely to be a success. The courts of law are extremely adept at recognizing any attempts at moving to keep one parent from being part of a youngster’s life.

Formulating New Parenting Strategy

If a parent is permitted to relocate to an additional state, a new parenting strategy has to be given. The plan ought to take into account non-equipment change travel (in which there aren’t any change of planes for the children/child, direct flight), the necessity for lengthier vacations, travel costs and additional issues. That might mean that a youngster might spend the majority of her or his holidays and summer vacation with their non-custodial parent.

We can aid you in evaluating these and additional vital issues while creating a new parenting plan or assessing a proposed one. To arrange an appointment and talk about a variety of issues that are related to parental relocations, please feel free to contact the Collaborative Practice San Diego right away.

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