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Valentine’s Day During Divorce

Valentine’s Day is an occasion to experience and share love.  But what if you’re thinking about divorce, in the middle of divorce, or recently divorced?  What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? You might be uncertain of how you feel and that’s OK.  It might be just another day, memories – good or bad – might arise, or it might… Read More

A divorce lawyer’s 7 Valentine’s Day tips for a happy marriage

Other than Cupid, there’s no one better qualified to give advice on love and marriage than a divorce attorney. After being involved in hundreds of divorce proceedings, there are certain failings in common that might not seem so obvious. Sure, there is infidelity, and there is abuse. But many marriages end for reasons that are preventable. How can a couple… Read More

Love and Real Estate with CFLGSD attorney Shawn Weber on “The Real Estate Radio Hour”

Attorney Shawn Weber discussed collaborative divorce, mediation, deferring sale of the family residence, and the phenomenon called “nesting” during his Valentine’s Day  appearance on the Real Estate Radio Hour on San Diego AM 1700 ESPN Radio.  Shawn has become the show’s resident expert on “Love and Real Estate.” It’s a perfect topic for February and Valentine’s Day. Click this link… Read More