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How Do Job Losses Impact Spousal and Child Support?

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Lost your primary income source or job because of the pandemic? You aren’t alone. Over 20M jobs were lost and some businesses have shut down leaving household finances reeling. Many folks are worried about keeping up with their spousal support and child support obligations.   Here are a few things to remember if you experience problems keeping up:   Support obligations are… Read More

How is child support and spousal support figured?

How is child support and spousal support figured? - Collaborative Practice San Diego - Child Support, Spousal Support, Divorce, Collaborative Divorce - Copyright: asife / 123RF Stock Photo
Are you going through a divorce?  Will you be responsible for child or spousal support?  Make sure you know the answers to your questions before you go through your divorce proceedings. Join us July 6 to learn more about child and spousal support and get answers to many of the other questions you may have. Learn more about our workshops… Read More

The New Tax Laws and Spousal Support

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The Tax Cut and Jobs Act passed in December 2017 is changing the tax rules around spousal support. Currently, if you pay spousal support, it is an “above the line” tax deduction. Meaning the total amount of the spousal support payment comes right off the top of your income and you don’t pay taxes on it. For example, if you… Read More

Discuss Your Divorce Alternatives at November Workshop

Our popular workshops answer your questions about your options for divorce without destroying your family in the process San Diegans facing difficult decisions about divorce can now take advantage of informative workshops in where they can learn about ways to divorce without resorting to an adversarial, time-consuming, costly court battle resulting in emotional trauma to you and your family, especially… Read More

Date of Separation and the Collaborative Divorce Process

by Frann Setzer, Esq. MBA/Certified Family Law Specialist The Law Office of Frann Setzer, APLC In some dissolutions, the date that parties separate is a crucial issue. This is because by law, the marital ‘community’ ends on the day when parties separate. The end of the marital community means that income earned or possibly property purchased after that date might… Read More

Top Four Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Financial Specialist

by Shawn Weber, CLS-F Attorney, Weber Dispute Resolution In my years as a Collaborative Divorce practitioner, folks have asked me why they should spend the money to hire a Financial Specialist as part of their divorce team. A financial specialist is an excellent resource, who can bring a neutral financial perspective to a legal process. Here are my top four… Read More

San Diego Osteopathic Physicians Learn About Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego incoming 2016 president, attorney Myra Chack Fleischer, CFL-S, and board member Cinda Jones, CFP, CDFA, joined members of the San Diego Osteopathic Medical Association spoke at the group’s November meeting for a presentation on Collaborative Practice as an alternative to traditional litigated divorce. The presentation provided an overview of the process, introduced the… Read More

What If We Get Stuck Mid-Divorce?

by Robin A. DeVito, Attorney at Law, Certified Family Law Specialist One of the most frequently asked questions by clients considering using the Collaborative process for their divorce is this: What if we get stuck? What if there are issues that simply cannot be resolved during the Collaborative process? Does court then become our only option? I recently concluded a… Read More

Realistic Expectations in Divorce: Do Leopards Ever Really Change Their Spots?

by Shawn D. Skillin, Esq. Collaborative Attorney and Mediator As a mediator, I met with a Mediation couple today. I like both of them very much. We are the same ages, have similar interests and if I wasn’t their divorce mediator, I could be friends with each of them. But what struck me again today, was how divorcing spouses treat… Read More