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Reducing Reactivity in High Conflict Divorce

Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego member Shawn Weber, attorney with Brave Weber & Mack, offers helpful tips for reducing conflict in this video presentation. Weber points out that even in a High Conflict Divorce, courts cannot always address all slights and grievances. Within the structure of a Collaborative Divorce where the parties are committed to a resolution of… Read More

Choose Your Divorce Date

by Carol Severance, Attorney at Law and Certified Family Law Specialist You chose your wedding date and you and your spouse can choose your divorce date. Some people think the day the Judge signs your Judgment is the day your marriage terminates. But that’s not always true.  Spouses have some control over that date. A Judgment is an enforceable order… Read More

Divorce (Without The Court): Reasons To Choose Collaborative Divorce

The Collaborative Law Institute of Texas recently held its annual conference in Dallas. As part of the conference, a panel of collaborative divorce practitioners participated in a discussion on KERA Public Radio in North Texas. It is an illuminating discussion we found worth sharing with you. The discussion identifies three main reasons people seek a Collaborative Divorce. Please listen to… Read More