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Child Custody in a Collaborative Divorce

2020 was a trying year. One thing that may stood out to you the most is the need to begin the divorce process. And with that decision, your children are part of your decision to seek a marital dissolution. Your children are the best part of your marital journey, and you want to preserve and keep intact what you can,… Read More

How a Financial Specialist Can Help You Through Your Divorce – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, March 6

Couple sitting at table with financial advisor.
If you are going through a divorce it’s important to understand how a financial specialist can help you. Join us on March 6 to learn how important a financial specialist is to your divorce. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

Divorcing in the Month of Love

February is the month of love. Do you have concern about divorce process? Collaborative San Diego can help you, contact us today at (858) 472-4022 to schedule a consultation! But what if love is lost? What if instead of falling in love, or being in love, you are facing the end of love or the transition from marriage to divorce?… Read More

How to Manage the Stress and Anxiety of Divorce

By Shawn Skillin, Esquire ShawnSkillinLaw.com Divorce is a big, huge, significant, and stressful life transition. It’s not a transition that most people plan for. Whether you asked for the divorce yourself or were surprised by a request for a divorce from your spouse there is change ahead and change produces stress and anxiety.  You may not be sleeping well, eating… Read More

Divorce and Your Mortgage: What You Should Know – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, February 6

Deciding what to do with your home during your divorce can be difficult.  But, with the right help, you can make the right decisions about your family’s home.   Join us on February 6 to gain a better understanding of how divorce affects your mortgage. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

Family Resolution Institute Presents Divorce Mediation Training

Tired of the same old grind? Want to infuse your practice with new Conflict Resolution Skills and a new outlook? Try Divorce Mediation! Family Resolution Institute is holding its next Divorce Mediation Training starting Wednesday, February 3, 2021. This will be a virtual training, taking place on Zoom over 8 half days throughout the month of February. February 3-5, 10-11… Read More

New Year and New Divorce – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, January 16

Index finger going over the year 2021
Sometimes with a new year comes divorce.  Though you may or may not have been expecting it, it can be hard.  Talking with a professional can help you gain clarity on what steps you should take. Join us on January 16 to learn tips on how to help you through your divorce in a more peaceful manner. Learn more about… Read More

Who Gets the Kids for Holiday Vacation?

Mother with son and daughter (wearing Santa hats) on lap reading a Christmas story.
When you are in the middle of getting divorced and have kids, if you are not careful, they can have a stressful holiday vacation. It is not healthy for a child to be thrust into the middle of a divorce and forced to pick sides or choose who they stay with during the Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. But, when you… Read More

Holidays and Your Divorce – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, November 7

Red, white and gold, Christmas gifts.
Holidays can be a hard time when going through a divorce.  With guidance, you can get through the holidays in a more happy and peaceful manner.  Join us on November 7 to gain an insight into how to better handle the holidays during your divorce. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.  … Read More