Spring Cleaning – Does That Include Your Marriage?

Green sign with Spring Cleaning Just Ahead written on it.By: Shawn D. Skillin, Collaborative Family Law Attorney and Mediator

After 24 years as a Divorce Attorney, I have noticed some patterns emerge in my practice. They have evolved a little over the years as we’ve trudged through recessions and a pandemic. But the current trend seems to hold.  Spring and Divorce go hand in hand.  This pattern was found to be consistent in the analysis of court records in a study by the University of Washington. Divorce filings increase in March and August.

The question is why?

  1. The Holidays: Most families try to avoid break-ups during the winter holiday season.  However, the strain of the holidays is often the final straw in a relationship. Between budgets for gift-giving, spending time with families, both your own and your spouses, and the expectations of holiday joy, there is a lot to argue about and often it results in one or both spouses realizing the relationship is just not working.
  2. Taxes: Tax day is April 15th. However, many families expecting a refund file, as early as possible. Those tax refunds start hitting the bank’s account in March and suddenly people have extra cash to hire an attorney or mediator and file for divorce.
  3. Spring is a time for new beginnings:  The weather warms up, the trees bud out, tulips and daffodils push through and the earth says “Hi! I’m back.”  People start going outside, visiting parks and beaches, baseball starts with Spring Training, summer vegetable gardens are planted. People get a sense of renewed hope. That can translate into a fresh start personally as well. Time to start over and move on.

If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. Divorce filings are up since the pandemic started. This spring brings hope with 3 approved vaccines and for some families, this means they can get out of the relationship they’ve been stuck in for the last year.  After deciding to get divorced, the next important decision is how to get divorced. Consider Mediation or Collaborative Divorce instead of court. It will be less stressful, less expensive and you will be the ones making the decisions, not the court.

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