SDVoyager Feature: Lynn Waldman on Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is featured in a new profile Q&A with Collaborative Family Law Group of San Diego board president Lynn Waldman on, a platform whose mission statement aligns with our own in many ways: “Our mission is build a platform that fosters collaboration and support for small businesses, independent artists and entrepreneurs, local institutions and those that make our city interesting.  We want to change the way people spend their money – rather than spending it with the big, cookie-cutter corporations we want them to spend their money with the independent, creative, local entrepreneurs, small businesses and artists.”

Lynn answered questions about the natural of Collaborative Divorce and its many benefits for families.

“Some of our proudest moments include when couples come together and are able to make decisions about how they wish to proceed with their divorce; they determine how to share assets and their children,” said Waldman. “With coaching, clients are supported in communicating with one another. Clients may find themselves at an impasse. Through the support of their attorney and coach, they are able to look more deeply at their fears and consider the fears of their spouse, often allowing for movement on a previously intractable issue. Couples who could not have discussions previously, are now able to make proposals and talk about options; they learn to listen, they feel validated as they are heard by their soon to be ex-spouse, and by their team of professionals.”

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