Innovation Solutions with Collaborative

Liz’s Background

Liz Brown started out as a family law attorney / litigator.  She witnessed the success rate of the collaborative process via her law partner, Michele Lowenstein. So in her 11th year with the firm, she pursued extensive collaborative training just as Michele had done. Liz has been able to provide even more innovative solutions for her clients since her first training in 2015.  She is now sharing her expertise in out-of-court resolution with Cage & Miles, LLP as Lead Counsel, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney.

Collaborative Process

With the collaborative process, there are always challenges due to the different and complex components of each family law case. Liz appreciates working side-by-side with other professionals who bring their expertise to the table. The collaborative team can include divorce coaches, a child specialist, a financial neutral, and an attorney for each spouse.  Together they create an agreeable solution for child and spousal support, co-parenting plans, the couples’ financial future and other desired areas to fit the needs of the individual family.

In one case, Liz served as a neutral for a couple in their 50s. The collaborative team had created a solution with all the components in place to meet the needs of the family they had prior to divorce.  It remained the goal of the family to maintain the plan, despite the fact that they were moving forward on separate paths.  The collaborative process allowed a solution to be developed that mirrored their original plan and they were able to fulfill their own futures under their terms.

CPCal Conference

This past April Liz attended the annual (CPCal) Conference in San Diego.  What she enjoyed most about the conference is that she was able to reconnect back to the collaborative process with all the layers that it holds.  The pre-conference institute was what she found most valuable and felt the conference re-grounded her – finding innovative solutions to support couples through the divorce process out-of-court, allowing them to divorce in a more peaceful and respectful manner.

Elizabeth Brown

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