How to Cope with Emotional Triggers After Remarriage

Woman sitting on couch playing with her wedding ring talking to a counselor.

There is no doubt that divorce can be a hurricane of emotions – even after your divorce has been finalized and you are remarried – but recognizing your emotional triggers and working through them can help your current marriage.

Dealing with your emotional triggers is not an easy path to go down. But if you do not process your emotions from your divorce, you may continue to struggle even after being remarried. You may need a counselor to help you work through some of this. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Reach out!

Here are some things to consider when trying to work through your emotional triggers caused by your divorce:

  • Identify your triggers and why/when they occur
  • Learn what happens to your body when you are emotionally triggered
    • Where do you feel it? Chest, throat, stomach?
  • Journal about all of your emotions – let the flood gates come open!
  • List out what emotional support was not part of your previous marriage
    • Are you getting those needs filled since you remarried?
    • Do you see any patterns here? Look all the way back to childhood. What hurt are you trying to heal?
  • Learn healthy ways to process your triggers
    • Breathe deep, finding your breath is very grounding and comforting
    • Do affirmations, find one that works and make it your mantra

When we deal with our emotional past, we can heal and move forward. We owe it to ourselves to work through our emotions caused by divorce because when we do, we can move on emotionally.

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