How to Apply

To apply to be a CPSD Member, you will first need to have completed a basic (minimum 2 day) “Collaborative Divorce” training program meeting the standards approved by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (“IACP”).

If you have, then download the Membership Application and follow the instructions below:

Member Application

Download the Member Application by clicking the button below:


collaborativefamilylawsandiego membership application note

Associate Membership Application

Download the Associate Membership Application by clicking the button below:


Submitting Your Membership Application

There are no fees to submit your Membership Application. You can find the Membership Form above.

Once completed, submit a copy along with your CV or Resume and evidence of professional insurance to our Secretary, Liz Brown.

The Membership Committee Chair or Co-Chair will obtain a recommendation for membership from the applicant’s professional peer group.

The Membership Committee Chair or Co-Chair will provide all applicant information and a Notice of Recommendation for or against acceptance to the general voting members in good standing. If no members object or request debate within 5 business days of receiving the information, the applicant is accepted immediately as a General Member.

If any current General Member in good standing objects to the recommendation or requests a debate, the Bylaws provide the process for conducting a hearing and discussion at the next general meeting. See the Bylaws under 2.03 (d) for a full description of this process.