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The Collaborative Practice of San Diego has trained, licensed and talented lawyers, mental health and financial professionals who can help you and your family in a number of ways in addition to serving in the Collaborative Model.

Under each profession there is a drop-down menu.  To assist you in understanding these additional services, we provide the following information:

Divorce Mediator 

Our Practice Group members serve as neutral mediators for parties in conflict.  Through mediation parties can resolve the entire matter or address limited issues.  One mediator, or co-mediators, can assist parties in finding resolution through a confidential process.

Limited Scope Consultation and Services 

Our Practice Group members can provide coaching and limited scope services to give you advice, information and support throughout negotiations or legal disputes.  Practice Group members can help provide clients with drafting support, creating parenting plans or financial analysis on a limited scope basis.

Representation and Coaching for Participants in Mediation 

If you are considering mediation, or already in mediation, our Practice Group members can provide you with support throughout the mediation process.


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