A divorce coach is a licensed mental health professional. In joint and individual sessions, the coaches work with a couple to:

  • Help you and your future Ex or Co-Parent establish a Mission Statement for your Divorce
  • Prioritize and identify the concerns of each individual.
  • Make efficient use of communication skills and conflict resolution.
  • Develop efficient co-parenting skills.
  • Collaboratively work with the couple, their lawyers and the additional involved specialists to reduce misunderstandings, improve communication, and solve issues as they arise.

The process of Collaborative Divorce shows how a family may get through a divorce in a more emotionally-healthy way as the couple has the ability to learn to communicate and interact with one another in a more open, honest, and respectful way. Self-management and divorce coach-help imagecommunication skills are taught to both parties by their divorce coaches. The couple utilizes those new skills in their settlement talks and within their post-divorce co-parenting.

Let’s dive in a bit deeper:

Collaborative Divorce Coach Role

As an integral collaborative team member, divorce coaches facilitate communication among all parties in a couple’s process of divorce.

  • The divorce coach meets with the couple, individually and together alike, to collect details and comprehend the stress points and dynamics of their particular circumstances.
  • The coach discusses each individual’s divorce readiness and collaborates with the couple to identify when and where there is a communication break down between them and helps them manage emotions so they’re able to think clearly.
  • The coach assists each member of the couple in learning what they do that negatively triggers their spouse and why that isn’t in their self-interest on a long-term basis. The coach might teach them how to stay calm as they’re overcome with emotion to be more present within the discussion.
  • The coaches support the child specialists in teaching the parties healthy co-parenting skills and might help in the creation of a parenting strategy.
  • The coach honors collaborative principles and shares with the team important data from the couple which might hinder or help the couple accomplish their objectives.
  • The coach facilitates all joint sessions. The coach encourages communication among parties, establishes behavior expectations, observes the participants’ non-verbal and verbal communication and assists in managing the unexpected which might exist in the room.
  • The coach can assist in providing a voice that isn’t considered an advocate for either party/spouse. The lawyers are advocates for their clients, and though they’re dedicated to a collaborative process, their words might be seen by the other party/ spouse as helping the individual they’re advocating for. The coach voice may aid in moving things along and additionally elicit more candid and honest answers to challenging questions.
  • The divorce coach facilitates and encourages efficient communication between professional team members, both between and in joint sessions. Team members might not know how they affect the process and therefore, may impede progress. The coach offers an additional set of ears and eyes which are trained to work to make efficient work together much easier.
  • The coach might make referrals to additional professionals as more support is necessary.

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