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Bill and Melinda Gates’ Divorce: Long-Term Marriage and Business Interests

Intro by Shawn Skillin, Esq. If you are considering divorce and have been married for more than 10 years (a long-term marriage in California) or have business interests that you are concerned about. This blog from Cage & Miles addresses “permanent” spousal support and the division of a business in the context of the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce. Importantly,… Read More

Schaffer Family Law Group Featured on in San Diego Discover Magazine

What an honor it was for Leslie Ryland’s firm, Schaffer Family Law Group, to recently be featured on the cover of the San Diego Discover Magazine. In the article, the firm’s founder Sarah Schaffer spoke in detail about California family law’s myriad aspects and issues. She discussed creating her firm in 2011 and earning her State Bar certification as a… Read More

Divorcing in the Month of Love

heart drawing
February is the month of love. Do you have concern about divorce process? Collaborative San Diego can help you, contact us today at (858) 472-4022 to schedule a consultation! But what if love is lost? What if instead of falling in love, or being in love, you are facing the end of love or the transition from marriage to divorce?… Read More

Divorce and Your Mortgage: What You Should Know – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, February 6

Deciding what to do with your home during your divorce can be difficult.  But, with the right help, you can make the right decisions about your family’s home.   Join us on February 6 to gain a better understanding of how divorce affects your mortgage. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

What you should know about divorce documents – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, October 5

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Though going through a divorce can be difficult, it is important to know what documentation you will need when you meet with your attorney. Join us October 5 to learn more about the documentation that you will need and much more. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

3 Top Reasons That Lead to a Late-Life Divorce

Here, Collaborative Practice San Diego considers 3 top reasons why couples split after they reach age 50 and why they’re eager to have a new lease on life. They Grow Apart Even if you once shared common interests, you may suddenly discover that you have grown apart. One of the spouses may be going through some transformations or evolving in… Read More

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements – What Are They?

prenuptial and postnuptial agreement
Have you ever wondered about prenuptial or postnuptial agreements and what they actually are? You might’ve wondered whether you even need a prenuptial agreement.  Or, you might be giving consideration to starting up a business and wondered if you require a postnuptial agreement to protect your property and spouse?  It is nearing the end of the year.  This means spring… Read More

Five Unique Challenges of a “Gray Divorce”

If you are over the age of 55 and have decided that it’s time to finally end our marriage, you are not alone. In fact, you are part of the gray divorce boom. Even as divorce rates across the United States decline, your age group is bucking the trend. Baby boomers are now divorcing at the highest rates in U.S.… Read More

What Does The Court Evaluate Concerning Parental Relocations?

The guiding principle which is going to determine whether or not the court approves a parental relocation is if the move is within the best interest of the child. The court of law will consider these: Reason for move Age of child Educational, psychological, and religious needs of child Proximity of new location to other members of the family Quality… Read More

Your Pre-Divorce Holiday Season Coping Guide

by Lynn Waldman, LCSW Have you been facing this holiday season with a mix of emotions; on one hand, hoping things will get better in your relationship, while at the same time dreading another holiday feeling stuck, empty, alone and wondering why you stay? Suppose part of you has decided you are going to leave your marriage, but you need… Read More