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Tips On Getting Through the Holidays When You Are Divorced

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Divorce is messy, and it often leaves a family feeling broken – such a tragedy, especially when it happens during the holiday season, and you are left to pick up the pieces and move forward the best way you can. But, when you and your spouse utilize the collaborative divorce process, you will have the help of divorce professionals that… Read More

Helping Children of Divorce Through the Holiday Season

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For children who are part of a family where divorce has occurred, the holidays are filled with many emotions and may be hard to navigate through. Here are some suggestions to help your children get through the holiday season: Don’t ignore the emotions that they are feeling due to the divorce Be willing to listen without judgment Don’t speak negatively… Read More

Who Gets the Kids for Holiday Vacation?

mother with children reading story on Christmas holidays
When you are in the middle of getting divorced and have kids, if you are not careful, they can have a stressful holiday vacation. It is not healthy for a child to be thrust into the middle of a divorce and forced to pick sides or choose who they stay with during the Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations. But, when you… Read More