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5 Strategies for Remaining Positive During a Divorce

Anybody who has gone through a separation or divorce understands how much it’ll shake life up in so many ways. It’s vital to remain positive during this challenging time for your own health as well as that of your kids. Consider the following strategies to help remain positive during your divorce. 1.  Get Educated Information is power. Don’t make decisions… Read More

Retirement & Divorce: What You Need to Know

Retirement & Divorce: What You Need to Know - Collaborative Practice San Diego - divorce, retirement, collaborative divorce - Copyright: davidfranklinstudioworks / 123RF Stock Photo
The stress levels experienced during a marital separation can seem relentless at times. There are so many different things to remember during your divorce process. One of the most important financial concerns is, how will my divorce change the future of my retirement? Did you know that your social security retirement and disability benefits may change depending on how long… Read More

If we get divorced, what happens to my retirement? – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, May 4

If we get divorced, what happens to my retirement? - Collaborative Practice San Diego - Divorce and Retirement, Collaborative Divorce, Divorce, Retirement
With divorce comes many questions, one of which what can happen to your retirement.  Working with a Financial Planner will provide you with more detail on how to manage your retirement during divorce. Join us May 4 to get answers to these questions and many more. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More