Why You Should Go to Therapy When Going Through a Divorce?

Family in therapist office.
Divorcing brings up so many emotions, from excitement to fear, from confidence to feeling lost, and so many other feelings in between. It’s hard to sort them out on your own. When we first meet with our potential clients, we share that each person, including the children, has access to a mental health professional when they use the collaborative divorce… Read More

Bill and Melinda Gates’ Divorce: Long-Term Marriage and Business Interests

Intro by Shawn Skillin, Esq. If you are considering divorce and have been married for more than 10 years (a long-term marriage in California) or have business interests that you are concerned about. This blog from Cage & Miles addresses “permanent” spousal support and the division of a business in the context of the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce. Importantly,… Read More

The Importance of a Mental Health Professional in a Divorce

Woman talking with mental health professional.
When you finally make the difficult decision to dissolve your marriage, your mind is likely going a mile a minute, and your emotional wellbeing is extremely compromised. This unhealthy combination can increase the chance of you experiencing depression and anxiety. When you utilize the collaborative divorce process, you are supported by a team of professionals one of whom is a… Read More

When Going Through A Divorce Who’s Responsible for Your Children’s College Education? – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, September 18

Your child’s college education is an important part of your divorce process. It is one of the many financial aspects that need to be discussed with your collaborative divorce team.  Join us on September 18 to learn what steps you should take to help pay for your child’s college education. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

How Does a Financial Neutral Help in Your Divorce?

Couple meeting with a financial neutral.
We all agree that divorce can be a crushing process. There are many To-Do items, emotional triggers, and financial decisions to consider. It can be overwhelming at times. But did you know that when you use the collaborative divorce process, you will have a team of experts at your disposal who can help you navigate through the proceedings and come… Read More

Why You Should Go to Therapy When Going Through a Divorce – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, August 7

Are you going through a divorce and need to work through your emotions?  Maybe it’s time to schedule an appointment with a therapist. Join us on August 7 to learn more about how therapy can help you through your divorce. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

Tips on How to Deal with the Stress of Divorce

Couple upset with each other - sitting on couch.
A divorce is often a life-altering experience for all involved. The scars that come from a separation can last a lifetime and even flow into the next generation.  Add in COVID-19, the protests, and the stress can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, the court system tends to exacerbate the animosity between the parties involved. It fosters a you against me mentality. If… Read More