Tips On How To Effectively Co-Parent

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During a divorce, there is so much more to think about when you have children. One of the most important things to discuss is how you and your co-parent will raise your children. What you think is the right path forward may differ significantly from what your soon to be former spouse believes. But, when you use the collaborative divorce… Read More

How Can You Effectively Co-Parent with Your Ex? – Join Us for Divorce Options(TM) San Diego Workshop, March 5

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It’s important for your child that you and your ex learn to effectively co-parent. Join us on March 5 to learn how co-parenting can help you and your child through divorce. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

Putting Your Finances in Order Before Your Divorce – Join Us for Divorce Options(TM) San Diego Workshop, February 5

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Your finances play a big role in your divorce.  Make sure you understand what you will need for your divorce and why. Join us on February 5 to learn how a Financial Specialist can help you. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

When Going Through a Divorce, Who’s Responsible for Your Children’s College Education?

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When you are starting to go down the path of divorce, there are many things to keep in mind, especially when you have children. No matter your children’s current age, you and your partner should plan for their future. One never knows if their future will include college or beyond. When you are paying child support, your payments can be… Read More

IACP Forum 2021 Was Simply Amazing!

After our enforced two-year COVID-19 separation, we could finally gather safely and learn once again at the 22nd Annual IACP FORUM 2021, Lighting the Way Together Whether joining us virtually or face-to-face in San Diego the world’s largest gathering of Collaborative and family dispute resolution professionals, forum participants played an influential part in shaping the legacy of Collaborative Practice. This… Read More

What Happens To Your Credit When You Divorce? – Join Us for Divorce Options(TM) San Diego Workshop, January 15

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Can a divorce ruin your credit?  What steps should you take to save your credit? Join us on January 15 to learn what steps you should be taking to protect your credit during your divorce. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More

Creating a Holiday Schedule for the Kids During (and After) Divorce

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With the holidays in full swing, we often see couples who are divorcing struggle with the all-time stressful seasonal question – Who gets the kids for the holidays? It’s one of the top questions that comes up during the collaborative divorce process. Our team of professionals– divorce coaches, mental health therapists and child specialists–along with input from the couple and… Read More

Nesting: A Child Centered Solution

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The most common concern I hear from divorcing parents is “will our children be ok?” They also frequently want to know what the best parenting plan is. My answer is always that if there was a perfect parenting plan, we would all be using it, but there isn’t. However, the best parenting plan is the one you can both agree… Read More

Adult Children and Divorce

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Gray Divorce, divorce over the age of fifty, doubled between 1990 and 2010 and is expected to triple by 2030.  This means there are a lot of adult children who are experiencing divorce as their parents move on from each other. Adult children experience a wide range of emotions as their parents separate, sell the family home, start dating new… Read More

Who Gets the Kids for the Holidays? – Join Us for Divorce Options San Diego Workshop, December 4

Deciding who gets the kids for the holiday season can be difficult.  But, if you work together, everyone can have a happy holiday. Join us on December 4 to learn tips on helping your family manage the holiday season during your divorce. Learn more about our workshops and RSVP here.… Read More