Can I Collect Social Security From My Ex?

Social Security Cards
Dividing a couple’s financial assets during a divorce can be tricky if you are not versed in how all the components work and function. During this process, many questions come up, and how social security is handled is a common area of concern. When you choose the collaborative divorce process, there will be a team of experts that you can… Read More

Why Is Collaborative Divorce Important To Keep Families Together

Collaborative Law written on law book with gavel laying next to it.
By Rebecca Medina When couples enter into the collaborative process, both spouses and their respective attorneys, financial neutrals, divorce coaches, and mental health experts agree to resolve their marital issues respectfully, encouraging the family unit to be separate and intact once the divorce is finalized. Often highly emotionally charged conversations occur during a divorce, and this type of rhetoric can… Read More

Importance of Child Therapy During Divorce

Child talking with child therapist.
Frequently we see that our clients’ children struggle with emotions when trying to process their parents’ divorce. This struggle may show up as emotional withdrawal, unwanted behavior or a regression in previously mastered skills. Children may struggle with the thought that their living arrangement is changing, the need to attend a new school, the thought that they have to “pick”… Read More

Reasons To Do A Mediated Prenup Agreement

Money laying next to post nuptial agreement
By Rebecca Medina Most often when a couple decides to tie the knot and get married, their To-Do lists can become overwhelmingly long, and multitasking becomes an art within itself. I often find that many couples forget about one crucial step – drawing up a Pre-nuptial Agreement. While a traditional pre-nuptial process usually brings to the table a great deal… Read More

What You Should Know About Filing Your 2021 Taxes After Divorce

Tax documents with calculator and pencils.
Divorce is never easy. It’s filled with twists and turns that you usually don’t see coming. But when you use a non-adversarial approach, such as the collaborative divorce process, you both will work with a team of professionals that can help guide both of you and help you sort out your tax filing needs. One of the professionals on the… Read More

Tips On How To Effectively Co-Parent

Father and Mother each holding one child in their arms.
During a divorce, there is so much more to think about when you have children. One of the most important things to discuss is how you and your co-parent will raise your children. What you think is the right path forward may differ significantly from what your soon to be former spouse believes. But, when you use the collaborative divorce… Read More