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How is child support and spousal support figured?

How is child support and spousal support figured? - Collaborative Practice San Diego - Child Support, Spousal Support, Divorce, Collaborative Divorce - Copyright: asife / 123RF Stock Photo
Are you going through a divorce?  Will you be responsible for child or spousal support?  Make sure you know the answers to your questions before you go through your divorce proceedings. Join us July 6 to learn more about child and spousal support and get answers to many of the other questions you may have. Learn more about our workshops… Read More

I Am Considering A Divorce – Now What?

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You are up nights thinking about a divorce. You cannot sleep. You aren’t alone. Sleepless nights and anxiety often occur with divorce.. Folks just like you have dealt with and overcome such fears, and you can too. Where do you begin? Speak to Professionals Fear isn’t your friend when you need to make critical decisions. The antidote to fear is… Read More