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What people are saying about the advantages of Collaborative Divorce

“Thanks to you too [name of collaborative attorney who represented the husband in this collaborative case]. This was and is without a doubt the most painful experience of my life, in every way imaginable. I really appreciate you remaining calm when I wasn’t, and being level-headed when I wasn’t, and most of all being gracious to me when I probably wasn’t to you. I would like to think that I wasn’t one of your more difficult clients, but I expect that’s probably true. In any event, thanks. I know we haven’t seen or heard the last of each other, but next time we meet, I expect I will be in a better place in a lot of ways. Best to you, too.”

~ Electronic mail from a collaborative client to his collaborative attorney at the successful conclusion of the divorce proceeding.

“I have met such caring, good listeners in this process. Professionals who have been supportive to me and my wife during this last difficult year in which we have been evaluating our marriage and potential divorce. I have learned through this process that life is more complicated than ‘do I like her’. We went from an unhappy home to a litigated divorce, to the Collaborative Model.”

~ A husband in a current case who is presently participating in couple’s counseling with his wife.

“It’s all starting to rub off on me (meaning collaborative divorce) . . . I know that to be true because when I was in court this morning arguing a case and strictly arguing financial issues (CCV issues weren’t even discussed), I got one of those “good” results for my client, but didn’t neglect to notice, that the opposing side was crying . . . . really makes me understand how detrimental litigation really is and how much I hate doing it!! I wasn’t even being mean or saying anything negative about her . . . merely arguing the facts off of the pay stubs!!”

~ San Diego Attorney