5 Types of Married Couples

unhappy couple

unhappy coupleMarried couples have been sorted into 5 basic types according to the way they interact.

The types were identified by Harold Raush, author of Communication, Conflict and Marriage,  and John Gottman, PhD of the Gottman Institute and the well-known “Love Lab.”

Here are the 5 types of married couples as indicated by Raush and Gottman:

  1. Conflict Avoiders
  2. Volatile Couples
  3. Validating Couples
  4. Hostile Couples
  5. Hostile-Detached Couples

Conflict-Avoiding, Volatile, and Validating couples generally are happy in their marriages and unlikely to divorce. Hostile married couples aren’t happy, yet are also unlikely to divorce.

On the flip side, Hostile-Detached married couples aren’t happy and may well be headed for divorce.

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